With Qloak
we're ready to hit a reset button on online dating.

Swiping based only on profile photos has led to an unhealthy and superficial dating culture where people struggle to make a real connection. The sole reason? Lack of meaningful conversation.

The instant gratification from online dating can be addictive.

So We Unqloak your personality first

It takes time and patience to build a real connection.

And so we take your picture out of the picture for a bit so that you can do exactly that.  Our unique algorithm only matches you with someone who will not only double tap your selfie but also your personality first. We're are all set to change the dating game, one quirky "would you rather" question at a time!

Ready to Play Along ?

Good things come to those who wait

Sure we adore your face, but we love your personality more! Your profile photo is hidden at first, so you only swipe right on profiles that intrigue you. Qloak gives you the unique opportunity to tap into your sparkling personality and establish a meaningful connection first. A little anticipation never hurt anyone.

Keep calm and play on

Would you rather hike or binge-watch Narcos? Sushi or pizza? We create awesome ice breakers so you don't have to! All work and no play makes Jack a dull date. Respond to our fun "would you rather" questions and get to know each other better.

But wait... don't wait too long!

Anticipation does have an expiry date though - exchange at least 10 messages within 7 days to Unqloak your potential dream date's photo. Wait too long and the wonderful person at the other end disappears into the depths of Qloak forever!

1. Focus on profile

Don't judge people by the cover. Know them before you see them

2. Location Based

Qloak is location based - your potential dream date is never too far away!

3. Connect

Your photos are initially hidden - so you only swipe right when someone's profile information intrigues you

4. Fun way to know others

Respond to fun "Would you rather" questions any time for accurate matches or to get to know your potential date better.

5. It's a match

Start connecting with people that swiped right on you as well.

6. Start Unqloaking

Send at least 10 meaningful messages each for the big reveal and to see each other's picture.